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The “Internet” is a wonderful tool to have at ones fingertips and what it has to offer, well, the information seems endless. The advancement in technology allows travellers to experience some aspects of travel by making use of Virtual Reality including Augmented (interactive experience of a real-world environment) and Mixed Reality (merging of real and virtual worlds) and for what it is worth, as great as the experience is, it can also be over whelming thus causing confusion, frustration and apprehension.

Letshind has come to the realisation that not every picture tells you a complete story, and not every decision when booking a hotel (we like to call it an experience) is driven by cost so that is why we work with the “bricks and mortar”, the very facts that cannot be changed BUT how we present it to you, the guest, that is what is so important.

We have partnered with some of the leaders in the Hotel industry so as to offer you a UNIQUE bespoke booking experience and for additional peace of mind, our travel team are sufficiently experienced to offer additional advise.

We give you the FACTS. You can choose from pure LUXURY to the more AFFORDABLE family option. We offer brands that are CONSISTENT in service and PRICING. Each guest will have a unique EXPERIENCE and not one driven by TripAdvisor.


So many of our customers keep coming back because they respect the expertise we provide and love the support we offer. We’re are very proud of what we do and how we do it.

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